About Us
About One Week Notice Period

Oneweeknoticeperiod.com is a unique job portal, focused on the concept of serving Employers to hire quick and assisting jobseekers to find jobs in the fastest possible time. As early as 1 week.

As the saying goes "TIME IS MONEY". It holds good even in recruiting scenario. Project Deadlines, Rapid Implementations, Target Release Dates, Replacement Hiring, Walk-in Interviews, Contractor Hiring etc. Most of these demand faster hiring. Long Notice Periods and wait time of offered candidates, impact project deliverables and may also lead to financial implications. Alongside, talented resources tend to miss on good job opportunities as a consequence of long notice periods. Today, Employers are willing to pay increased salaries, buy notice period for job seekers who can join in on a shorter notice.

Since the launch of Oneweeknoticeperiod.com, we have received tremendous response both from jobseekers and employer, which instills our confidence to provide services which cater to the needs of the market. Today, we have thousands f jobseekers and employers registered with us.

Our ability to attract talent from all sectors across industries and all experience levels, make us unique. It's this ability that attracts several employers to consider our service in the quest to hire best suited candidates in the fastest possible time.

Whether you are an experienced professional or recent graduate who would like to take his career to the next level quick enough, or you are a employer who wishes to hire best talent in the fastest possible time, Oneweeknoticeperiod.com is the place to apply. Register today on Oneweeknoticeperiod.com.

Job portal key features

  • Employers can Register and Post jobs for Free.
  • Search our Resume Database by location, experience , skills and qualification.
  • Employers can add sub logins for their Recruiters to post Jobs and Search Resumes.
  • Jobseekers can Register and Post their resumes.
  • Jobseekers can search jobs based on their location, skills, designation, etc.
  • Jobseekers can receive matching jobs based on the preference set.